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Comp 5 summary

Compartment 5 Planning Application

Compartment 5 comprises 10.9km of floodbank along the right bank of the River Thurne and Womack Water and the left bank of the Rivers Ant and Bure. The planning application for the major improvement works received approval at the Broads Authoritys Planning Committee on 4th February 2005. These works were carried out over two years, between April 2005 to September 2005 and April 2006 to September 2006.

In advance of the major improvement works BESL were involved in a number of other activities within the compartment:

bulletreplacement of 300m of piling on the River Ant at How Hill (further repiling will be undertaken in the next winter period either side of Ludham Bridge);
bulletassisting the Broads Authority on their Bittern II Project by providing excavators, a foreman and an engineer over a 4-month period. This has enabled the Authority to complete a more extensive scheme whilst providing BESL with the opportunity
bulletat St Benets Abbey over 300m of erosion protection in the form of gabions and poles has been installed by BESL. Provision is being made, jointly with the Broads Authority, for continued, safe access for anglers.

There remain concerns from navigation interests about the future loss of areas of piling used for casual mooring due to the fact that the Project will not replace the piling once it becomes a hazard. It is hoped that the Broads Authority will be able to secure new lengths of 24-hour mooring at St Benets and Coldharbour Farm. For the remaining lengths there is a planning condition attached that requires BESL to seek approval before any piles are removed. BESL are also providing the Authority with information on the location, condition and proposals for all lengths of piling within the Project area. This information will be incorporated into the Moorings Strategy that the Authority is now developing.

A planning application was made to the Broads Authority (via North Norfolk District Council) in November 2004 and permission was granted for the defence works in February 2005. Works commenced in November 2004 and were completed in Winter 2006.

In accordance with the earlier planning conditions a second planning application was made to the Broads Authority summer 2008 for the removal of piling on the Rivers Ant Bure. Permission was granted and the first phase of the works undertaken early 2009. The remaining phase of the works (the piling removal on the River Bure) were undertaken winter 2009/2010.

The removal of piling allows for the formation of a natural edge to the river. A new setback bank created as part of the original defence works provides the new/replacement flood defence. Once this defence is established the original defence, the rivers edge shored up with piling, is re-profiled and the piling removed. Over time this bank will be eroded by wave wash until that time the existing old bank is marked by channel markers and its erosion monitored. Whilst no longer acting as the flood defence per se the old bank does provide a degree of protection to the new bank and to establishing reed rond being created in the area between the old and new bank.

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