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C28 Phase 2 Petos Marsh Environmental Report

Compartment 28 Petos Marsh planning application

Bounded on two sides by the River Waveney and Oulton Dyke Petos Marsh covers 80 hectares of agricultural land.

Original proposals to strengthen or setback existing floodbanks and to remove a short section of piling were not approved of by the landowner. Adjacent to Petos Marsh is Carlton Colville SSSI and Barnby Broad and Marshes SSSI. Both of these SSSIs form part of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust Carlton Marshes Reserve. Unable to construct the defences around the edge of Petos Marsh an alternative solution needed to be developed in order to continue to provide the level of defence these nationally important sites require.

A planning application (ref. 2010/0048) for flood defence improvement works to protect property and land on and about Petos Marshes was submitted to the Broads Authority in February 2010. Planning permission was granted in July and works are due to start 2010.

Proposed works

Construction of a new floodbank, approximately 800m in length, at the base of Petos Marsh.

Excavation of a borrow dyke up to 20m wide adjacent to the crosswall along the entire length.

Installation of a culvert and penstock control to allow Petos Marsh to continue to be drained to the IDB pump.

The defences surrounding the river and dykes edge of Petos Marsh shall become the responsibility of the landowner. However, should the remaining piling become a navigation hazard then it will be removed and the bank edge re-graded if required.

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